The George Vaults is celebrated as a Conservation award winner - originally the George Inn, it boasts a vaulted Crypt dating back to AD1325. The chamber is 54ft long, 16ft wide and 11ft high with 4 quadripartitie vaults, the shell of the vault being made up of chalck ashlars. There are ribs on the groins with 9 carved ornamental bosses at the intersections.

Closed for nearly one year during restoration, the Crypt owes its origin to a chamberlain of the priory during the time of Bishop Gundulph. Originally known as Saint George and Dragon, the building burned down in 1768 and the present structure was created over the vault.

The Crypt is also said to mark the site of the Church of St Mary, within The Walled City of Rochester, but has never been found. We do believe the ghosts and spirits still visit our vault regularly .